A Simple Marketing Proposal Template (to Win Clients)

Many individuals have been wondering how difficult it is to write a winning marketing proposal template. Below is the anatomy of a persuasive marketing proposal template.

Marketing proposals will always vary in style and length from one project to another although all should follow the basic structure. An individual is not restricted in adding tons of creativity in either of the proposals. Any kind of a marketing proposal will entail the following five elements be its length or complexity of the project.

1. The Executive Summary

An individual should prove to his or her prospective clients that he or she knows what they require and he’ll get the job. This is termed as a problem statement. A perfect winning problem statement will tell the client what they need but not what they want. This will, therefore, offer a solution to the client rather than a service.

The main objective of any firm is to make a profit. A marketer should look in the center part of the issue to find out the real problem. Why do individual need traffic? Problem statement will highlight this issue to the latter.

2. Proposed solution

Once an individual has identified the main client’s problem, the next step will be to propose a marketing proposal solution. At this particular stage, you should recommend a set of services to obtain the desired objective.

Most firms use different sorts of marketing, but there’s no one will employ you just because you ate termed as a marketer. Clients will employ individuals with unique ability and skill because they will improve traffic which earns money.

Traffic is a key factor when it comes to marketing because it generates revenue for the firm. An individual will always include a high level of swot analysis, market research facts though many clients will not understand anything about marketing. You should try your best to outline the expectations of the client’s when they employ you.

3. Benefits

Many individuals will think that outlining a solution to a problem is enough in the world with no or low competition. Clients have in mind that you already understand what kind of a problem they are going through and you’ll probably provide a solution. Why should you be better than anyone else? High chances will be clients won’t even have an idea what services you will provide not to mention what they entail.

Many clients won’t even know the expected benefits of the recommended solution without any assistance. As a marketing expert, you should make your service as clear as possible to bring out the expected benefits. The act of outlining benefits is one of the important parts in compiling a persuasive marketing proposal.

4. Pricing information

After identifying the problem, outlining the solution and the expected benefits, clients will have another crucial question. How much will it cost? A higher figure does not shy of quality clients, especially for individuals who have brought out the benefits and the impacts of their solutions. You should consider having an easy pricing system to prevent clients from turning off due to confusing pricing sections. You should consider having a short fee summary for providing information on the cost of your marketing projects.

5. Call to Action

Even if an individual has compiled a very detailed marketing proposal template for their needs, he or she can lose it at this particular point. This is because people forget, in boxes fill up, and confusion of one item with another. It advisable that you ask your client to follow your marketing proposal at that time. The call of action is very important because it makes it easy for clients to employ you.

Most people will leave the call of action hanging forgetting that clients are stressed, busy, and forgetful as they are. Make sure you ask the clients to respond immediately. If an individual wants to move forward with the project with no difficulties:

-Notify clients how to contact you
– make it easy

You might be capable of using different headers or terms in your marketing proposal section. Each of the above-listed elements, go by different names and utilize them well. Example of these names are:

– The proposed statement can also be termed as clients objective, clients goal, client needs, statement of needs or goals and objectives.

– the proposed solution can be termed as a recommended strategy or recommended solution.

– Pricing information can also be termed as the fee schedule, project pricing, and fee summary.