Learn Where To Get The Right Templar Builds For Elder Scrolls Online

There is no doubt that when one is on the lookout for a highly popular multiplayer online game, then Elder Scrolls Online can fit the bill quite easily. Launched on April 4, 2014 it was available for free only for a limited period of time. From March 2015 it became a paid game but in spite of this fact it continues to be highly popular. Once it became a paid multiplayer game, it was renamed as The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO): Tamriel Unlimited. It became all the more popular when the Xbox One and Play Station 4 versions hit the market in June, 2015.

It is a game that is basically non-linear in nature. There is a wonderful and intelligent mix of random events, quest, and an exploration of the world which is basically free roaming in nature and content. Though the game basically is not designed for solo players, the developers feel otherwise. According to them, there are enough features which if unearthed could help in solo playing. They are many variants and styles in which the game can be played. However we will be concentrating more on ways and means to get templar builds for the Elder Scrolls Online. This will certainly make the game even more interesting and worth pursuing.

The Problems That One Encounters Playing This Game

When one is planning his or her ESO Templar build donning the mantle of a god like healer, with the purpose of maximum optimization there is no doubt that coming out the right night skills, armor choices and weapon choices and following an intelligent game play could be a challenging and tough task. There are so many combinations and options that you could find yourself confused and exhausted. However, all that it requires is spending some quality time. You need to tweak and test the various build choices available. You will be eventually able to come out with a suitable character. This will help a lot in maximizing your DPS capability. You might alternately be able to create the healer group without which the game cannot be played. However when it comes to creating a perfect Templar, you have to bear in mind that it does not happen overnight. It certainly calls for being patient and persevering. It is all about being at it without losing commitment and focus.

You Could Opt From Pre-Built Templar Builds

Though coming out with a perfect character is all about persistency and consistency, there could be many who may not have the patience or wherewithal to get into the job. Hence if you believe that you do not have the time to waste, optimizing and testing the build, you can perhaps look at a better option! There are many ESO Mastery Build Guides which could come in handy and make the job quite easy for you. These guides could offer you high quality pre-built, updated and optimized Templar builds. The best thing is that it could be suitable for all styles of play. There are thousands of players you have used these tools and they have been able to get full value for the time and effort they have spent on it. There are quite a few such online tools available and it would be interesting to look at a few of them.

Templar Leveling Builds

The main objective of leveling builds is to offer AOE attacks that are focused and ranged. They try and make optimal and effective use of Magicka and Stamina to get the desired effect. They are suitable for farming, damage healing and also for self healing. Quite a few players make use of Sun Free Skill Line for coming out with the right range, snare and DOT. It also is possible to use a mix of various weapons including destruction and restoration staffs, bows, etc. Heavy and medium armor when it comes to Templar building.

Templar DPS Builds

There are a few more ideas for those who are keen to get templar builds for the Elder Scrolls Online that actually works on the ground. It is a known fact that when it comes to quality ESO healing class, Templar is perhaps the best option. They are one of the four healing class which are available. Though the other three healing options might work, they are not as effective as Templar. The best thing about templar is that it has the most potent and devastating DPS. Most of belongs to AoE or it can be morphed to it. Its capability to self heal immediately makes it the best possible option for perfect tanks.

Tips On Choosing The Right Templar Builds

Since there are so many options available choosing the right templar builds could be a big task. Hence you must move carefully and plan the ways and means by which you wish to come out with the right templar builds. Here are a few tips which could be useful in this endeavor:

Take into account your play style: The play style which you use will have a bearing on the kind of Templar builds which you plan to have. Hence depending on your style of play it is important to choose the right healing class based on your style of play. But one thing is clear; irrespective of the style of playing opting for the right Templar builds could certainly make a big difference.

Are you playing alone or playing as a team? Answering this question is also vital for you to set up the right templar builds. As a solo player your focus should be to make better allocation of your skills. Though solo players can level easily when it comes to playing in Cyrodiil it may not be that easy

You also must choose the best templar. You could look into various options available such as High Elves, Dumer, Imperials or Norda.


At the end of the day there is no doubt choosing the right templar builds could make all the difference as improving your level of proficiency when playing different variants and types of elder scrolls online. It is something that has to be mastered over a period of time and calls for high level of tolerance and patience. But at the end of the day it is worth every bit of it.