The Ultimate Guide To Summoners War


The Ultimate Guide To Summoners War
There are many new players who are struggling with what they should do when starting out at summoners war. The general progression guide found on the summoners-war website gives some basic fundamentals to beginners but fails to explain few directions on how to clear scenarios on the first PvE-goal. This guide gives the most basic strategies necessary for clearing scenarios, and some rules on what new players should do to achieve long-term victory in this game.

The SWMasters: Summoners War Guide
Basic Definitions
The following are the actual definitions of the frequently used terms on summoners-war:
• AO / AD– Arena Offense / Arena Defense
• AOE / ATB / ATK – Arena Of Effect / Attack Bar / Attack (stat)
(The AOE skill can hit more than 1 enemy mon)
• CC / CD – Crowd Control / Critical Damage or Cool Down
(Cool Down (CD) is the no. of turns before a player kills again)
• Cleave – Using this skill, the team of mon can destroy the whole enemy team at once (in one turn)
• CR / DD – Critical Rate / Damage Dealer
(Critical Rate is the probability of a mon landing a critical hit)
• DEF / DOT – Defense (stat) / Damage Over Attack (also Continuous Damage debuff)
• Farmable – This is a mon that you can get in a reliable way (either by SD – Secret Dungeons), Scenario drops, or Shop pieces.
• Farmer – Describes any mon who has the ability to clear a scenario alone. It’s used to farm’ a scenario several times with the aim of levelling up 3 other mons.
• Fodder – A mon that sacrifices in order to evolve, level up or skill up.
• gz – A Congratulation term.
• GW / GWD / GWO – Guide War / Guide War Defense / Guide War Offense
• Proc – An action of something: landing a debuff or gaining an extra turn
• S1-3 – Skills one to three.
• SD – Secret Dungeon. It is found in elementary dungeons.
A Player’s First Mons
Sieq (The Fire Hellhound)

This mon gives self-sustainment with S1 and a powerful decent-damage with S2. Once this mon is awakened, you are given the following three-turn teams:
• ATK – Give your mons a plus fifty percent ATK based on a player’s overall ATK (not base ATK).
• CR buff – Give your mons a plus thirty percent CR.
As a two-star mon, sieq is easy to skill-up (From Faimon, Fire-Hellhounds are the most familiar mons). Also, its easy awaken (15 Fire Low, 2 Fire Mid, 15 Magic Low).
In addition, it has a considerable base attack, and when skilled at maximum, its Skill 3 (S3) becomes a three-turn CD. This means that a player’s team will have persistent ATK and CR buffs.

This mon helps through many scenarios although its mostly used later in the game, in the PvP.
Elucia (The Water Fairy)
This mon becomes your first leader and gives a plus twenty percent RES to your team It helps prevent slowing down, defense breaks (DEF) breaks and other things that will affect your mon. Skill 1 has a twenty percent probability of freezing a single-target for only one-turn. This is approximately sixty percent likelihood when maxed. This is useful in both PvP and PvE.
In Elucian, it is advisable not to use crystals to summon one enemy several times since it forces you to lose another seventy-five crystals. Instead, reserve your crystals for a platinum pack which requires seven hundred and fifty crystals for eleven MS, three angelmon (Wind, Fire, and Water), and one hundred thousand Mana. This is how you can use your crystals efficiently when starting out in summoners war.
Garen Forest
In Garen Forest, be ready to find Monsters (Icaru, Rainbowmon, Fire Maned Boar, etc), Crafting materials, Unknown Scrolls (US), and Energy Runes.
When going forward, it is not advisable to use Crafting Materials or US as your Scenarios drops. Here, you need to focus on Runes and Mon (the unique drops) of each Scenario.
Please note that high star mons are ten times likely to fall into very difficult scenarios.

Summoners war is a wonderful game and you need to get prepared using the above guideline.